My Chiropractic Story

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My Personal Chiropractic Story

I am fortunate that my first experience with a chiropractor came as a teenager. I was on my way to a career as a professional ballet dancer and was experiencing various neck, back and hip pains as a result of intense physical training. Back then, I did not understand the full meaning of chiropractic. I only knew that it worked. I also sensed that it was restoring ‘the good’ in my body because it was a natural approach to correcting the problems.

During my ballet years, I discovered through trial and error that conventional forms of pain management were not working for me. Pain medications and anti–inflammatory drugs were not resolving my problems. On top of this, I feared the possible side effects of these drugs (I later developed a stomach ulcer due to the great amount of anti-inflammatory drugs I had been prescribed. This is a common side affect of aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medications). In most cases, the painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications were giving me a false sense of relief, allowing me to continue training without feeling any pain. I was therefore causing more damage to my unhealed injuries.

During this time, I began to read all I could about natural ways to heal my body, including books on nutrition, natural heath, neurology and anatomy and physiology. I decided to see a chiropractor and she changed my life.

This doctor was different. She educated me about health and how my body worked. This doctor taught me that true healing came from the ‘inside’ not from the ‘outside’. She gave me information about diet and the side effects of medications. I could now make an informed choice about my  healthcare. It was obvious to me the traditional medical approach to health was only masking my symptoms and not correcting my back, neck and hip problems. For me as a young individual and athlete, pain medication was the wrong approach to my healing. My body needed time and 100% internal communication to recover.

My back injury and hip and neck pain resolved much faster with her gentle chiropractic adjustments. I got well. I continued to have regular chiropractic checks with her even when I had no pain so I could maintain a state of good health and to prevent injuries to my stressed body.

Years later, I decided to become a chiropractor. I chose to study at Life University. At that time, Life University was the largest school for chiropractic in the world. I soon discovered that chiropractic was the 3rd largest heathcare in the world behind medicine and dentistry.

While studying for my Doctor of Chiropractic degree, I was to discover the true purpose of chiropractic as a means to maximise health through the maintenance of proper nerve flow. Chiropractic clears up the interference within your body’s internal programming allowing your body’s life force and healing potential to work at 100%. This is why chiropractic adjustments worked for me.

The adjustments allowed my body to heal and function more efficiently hence a speedy recovery from my dance injuries, less fatigue and more energy.

I have now been practising as a chiropractor in London for 11 years. It is my mission to serve vitalistic chiropractic care to the health minded professionals of my community. This includes their children, family and friends. My aim is to expand their life potential by promoting health, fulfillment and well-being. I love educating my patients about chiropractic and desire to make natural approaches to health mainstream and easily available.

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